Saturday, October 17, 2009

a turning point..

her :"mak kol org dtg merisik kt umah..."
me : "erk!.."

i nver expact dat i nid 2 face such experience.dunno wat to say, cant feel anythg,.whwn she tell me those words.wat shuld i do.
those words mkes me worry..
mybe its da tyme 4 us to shift into da next phase.we're damn serious n optimist bout da future.but d things hppen will shift us to be more serious.

her : "mak suh kol, ckp sdri bout kta.,haha.berani x??"
me : 4 da sake of our hppiness, i will!=p..

p/s : hoping dat d best n happiness 4 evryone..

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